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Jeff Ament Jams Out With RNDM (INTERVIEW)

Down-to-earth better describes Jeff Ament than hero, a term he would shrug off with a hearty laugh. He was a music fan who became a music maker. That his music became one of the voices of a generation was a nice surprise that has enabled him to make even more music … and continue to skateboard and play basketball instead of punching a time clock every day of the week.

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Joseph Arthur: Still My World

For someone who can put out four EPs in as many months, its no surprise when Brooklyn transplant Joseph Arthur releases a new record.  But that level of production doesn't equate to rush jobs or a race to market.  Sometimes, as Arthur reminded us recently, 'if you're an open vessel,' it's simply the rapid pace of a frantic, creative mind.  So during a brief state of rest, we caught up with Arthur to discuss he latest work. 

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Joseph Arthur: The Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony grabs the listener from the start with its emotional immediacy, the flow from one beautifully-crafted song to the next. It doesn’t break new ground, specifically; long-time appreciators of Joseph Arthur will find much here reminiscent of past work. For example, the album’s second track bears beautiful memory (and nearly a guitar riff) of his earlier work “Honey and the Moon,” from Redemption’s Son; that song, by this writer’s ear, is a true gem of melodic, folk-inspired pop, and “Horses” successfully follows in its footsteps.

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Fistful of Mercy: As I Call You Down

More akin to Crosby Stills and Nash then the recent Monsters of Folk, Fistful Of Mercy play with light and airy textures minus CSN’s political bent.  Songs about love dominate as do violins and ultra repetitive choruses that allow the trio to mesh harmonically but never say anything lasting.

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Joseph Arthur: The Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ 10/20/06

Despite the show’s technical shortcomings, Joseph Arthur proved to be a true professional, giving his all to a small crowd on a Friday night. Lets hope he receives bigger crowds soon – his oversized talent deserves it.

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