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Kelley Stoltz: To Dreamers

Kelley Stoltz has put together a snappy collection of 50’s-60’s dreamy garage-pop with his most recent effort To Dreamers.  Echo vocals, glimmering tambourines, a dash of feedback and random horns all come and go like the breeze as Kelley sings about “getting the girl” and “all of our stars aligning”.  The retro vibe is obvious, but this album was certainly produced in the digital age with clear sound and at times too many instruments/sounds trying to make a mark like on “Keeping the Flame”. 

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Kelley Stoltz: Circular Sounds

With his fourth LP and second release on Sub Pop, Kelley Stoltz is often surrounded by the “fi” words: low, mid and hi His latest Circular Sounds is a departure from the lo and mid-fi’s of his first three releases and explores the sonic rich production of hi-fi.

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Kelley Stoltz: Below the Branches

Below the Branches eclecticism showcases Stoltz as a musician in the highest order, and someone who deserves a little more attention than the Johnny Come-Latelys.

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