CSS: Cansei De Ser Sexy

CSS is destined for the underground club scene, sure to get waif-like girls plucked out of an American Apparel ad, dancing haphazardly to the stank that are these songs.

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Ecuador: Mountain Biking Bonanza

Cliff Krolick is a New Englander, and usually treats himself to a break from winter each year by heading south. This winter may have been mild, but it was still too long – so he took some friends down to Quito, Ecuador for a biking adventure.

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Sprout: a 16mm surf flick : Directed by Thomas Campbell

The surf movie is a hallowed tradition among enthusiasts. Not unlike the ski flick, it is used to get the juices flowing while exciting our inner cravings for liquid. It preys upon our ability to float, glide, slide and ride the substance that sustains life.

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Maktub: Say What you Mean

Maktub is the band that slides you right past the “would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?” part of your date and right into the heat and passion.

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