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The Megaphonic Thrift: Santos Party House, NYC, NY, 3/15/10

’ve never been to Norway, but I’m guessing the chaotic torrents of flooding water falling from the heavens this weekend must have seemed harsh even for this group traveling halfway around the world.  On their way to SXSW and warmer skies in Austin, The Megaphonic Thrift played a few tune-up shows under the deluge in NYC, the last of these being Monday night at the Oya Festival put on by Oh My Rockness in Santos Party House. 

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The Megaphonic Thrift: A Thousand Years of Deconstruction

This four piece shoegazing crew from Norway is a rocket blast out of the frozen north.  A Thousand Years of Deconstruction contains all the elements for future success, it has punchy fuzzed out punk (“Acid Blues” and “Son of J”), dramatic guitar interplay with dueling vocals (“Exploding Eyes”) even an acoustic come down gets an airing (“Everytime (oxygen)”).  The gravy for these disco fries is the EP’s centerpiece; an exhilarating drawn out escapade of deep space audio adventure called “Mad Mary”.

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