Moogis: No Wanee Webcast, No Refunds Yet

If you purchased the Wanee Festival webcast package from Moogis, you might want to make other plans this weekend. Yesterday, a scant three days before the festival kicks off, Moogis sent subscribers, who already paid for the event, a note saying the company will not be webcasting Wanee…

Webcasts are extremely expensive events to produce and bring to the viewer. Moogis uses the same equipment as a high definition television production in order to bring the highest possible production values to our subscribers.

Moogis priced subscriptions for the 2011 Beacon run and Wanee Festival so that we could webcast both events based on the assumption that we would have the same number of subscriptions as last year. Unfortunately, we fell 300 subscriptions short of the number necessary. As a result, we have to regretfully notify you that Moogis is not going to be able to webcast Wanee this year. We have explored every possibility to see if there was any way to make this happen but we have run out of options and time.

At the moment, Moogis is in a negative financial position. But once we get new funding, we will either refund the cost of Wanee to subscribers who want a refund or apply their Wanee payment to the next Moogis pay per view event.

For those who leave their payments with us, you will get a 20% discount on all future Moogis pay per view events.

We are very sorry that we have to do this, but we have no other choice at this time.

Considering webcasts from nearly all the major festivals this summer are available for free, this announcement is a hard pill to swallow for those who shelled out money months ago to watch Wanee on Moogis. Not only will subscribers miss out on watching Wanee as it happens, but they aren’t even getting an immediate refund.

Angry fans lashed out at Allman Brothers Band drummer and Moogis founder Butch Trucks on various forums leading him to respond on the message boards. READ ON for Butch’s response…

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