Bloggy Goodness: Santana Goes Classic

Its no secret that Santana’s 1999 guest-heavy album Supernatural helped expose the guitar legend to a brand new audience – selling an astounding 15 million copies along the way. While

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Bloggy Goodness: Record, Record Store Day

Just a couple of weekends back, scores of independent music stores around the country participated in the third annual Record Store Day. Now that the dust has settled and receipts

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Bloggy Goodness: Peace Out

Believe it or not, legendary singer-songwriters and avid activists Joni Mitchell and James Taylor were responsible for getting Greenpeace off the ground. Back in 1970, the duo played the Amchitka

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Best Of Bonnaroo 2009 On The Net

The eighth annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival kicked off late Thursday afternoon, and while the weather may not have cooperated by all accounts things got off to a great

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Bloggy Goodness: Free NINJA EP

In anticipation of this summer’s Jane’s Addiction and Nine Inch Nails joint amphitheater tour, the two powerhouse alternative rock acts have launched a brand new website to get their fans ready for action. The sightly sparse site, which includes links to all the band’s social networking sub-sites, also features a free six song EP that contains the studio debut of two Jane’s tracks that Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor produced – Whores and Chip Away – both of which originally appeared on their 1987 self-titled live album.


Finally, we don’t often talk about movie trailers around these parts, but there have been two very cool ones that have surfaced over the last couple of days that we wanted to share. The first is for the highly anticipated, Spike Jonze directed adaptation of the classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are – which features the music of Arcade Fire and is set to have a soundtrack from YYY’s frontwoman Karen O. The second, is for Ang Lee’s adaptation of Elliot Tibor’s memoir Taking Woodstock – which tells the behind the scenes story of how the festival ended up at Yasgur’s Farm.

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Tour Dates: Stick A Fork In It

While Pitchfork may be known for their lengthy album reviews that usually contain so many obscure music references that make you wonder if they have a pool at the office,

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