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Rilo Kiley: Rkives

RKives is far from perfect. It hardly comprises Rilo Kiley’s best material. To be fair, though, it is a rarities compilation, and a bulk of the songs on the album remained unreleased until now for good reason. But while the beautifully curated record will never replace The Execution of All Things or More Adventurous as anyone’s favorite album, it is an essential addition to any Rilo Kiley fan’s collection and a pleasant enough collection of songs for even the most casual listener.

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Bloggy Goodness: Wilco (The Giveaway)

On September 27, HT faves Wilco will release their eighth studio album The Whole Love via their brand new label dBpm Records. While we still have a couple more months

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Bloggy Goodness: Bowery’s Brotherly Love

Bowery Presents has easily cemented themselves as the premiere concert promoter in the New York City area, booking shows in their fully-owned and operated venues as well as places like

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Video: Jenny & Johnny – Big Wave

It’s been a rather brutal winter for most of the country, so the first fleeting taste of spring we’ve had in New York City the last couple of days have

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Jenny and Johnny: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 9/2/10

Jenny Lewis writes incredibly good pop songs that are fairly upbeat, intellectual and catchy. Her voice is an instrument with which to be reckoned, and every time I’ve seen her perform in the past has been a delightful and exciting experience. Unfortunately, this show seemed unrehearsed, emotionless and disingenuous. I would have rather stayed home and listen to the record and reminiscing on the great times I’ve seen her play with Jonathan Rice and they didn’t make the audience feel used and part of a big joke.

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Tour Dates: Jenny & Johnny

Over the last few years Rilo Kiley has taken a backseat to front woman Jenny Lewis’ solo career. The ever adorable Lewis, who has put out two records on her

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BG: Is That Vampire Rock? Turn It Up!

While I’d venture to guess that most of our readers are a bit too old for the whole Twilight phenomenon, there is a reason to get excited about the vampire-loving

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