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Tour Dates: Summer Camp Initial Line Up

As we saw our first snow flakes here in New York City yesterday, there is nothing that gets us through the winter faster and thinking about the warm months ahead,

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Review: moe.down 11 @ Gelston Castle

moe.down 11 @ Gelston Castle, September 3 – 5

While some things have changed this year at the 11th annual moe.down, some things will always remain the same. From the mayor of moe.ville to Al.nouncements, it sometimes seems like the past ten years blended together, but this year the move an hour down the road to Gelston Castle in Mohawk, NY shook things up for even the most seasoned moe.ron. From amazing sound magnified by the natural amphitheater to the light show on stage enhanced by beautifully glowing lanterns and spectacular firework show, the entire weekend played off of the beautiful surroundings of the Mohawk Valley. While the castle itself was a bit smaller than expected and all but in ruins, this site surely had many things going for it.

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

Musically, the weekend followed the standard moe.down set up with the host band’s handpicked favorites. With the new site this year, one of the biggest changes was a true second stage – named the Buzz Stage – which replaced the Beer Tent. As in past years, a few up and coming bands were given the opportunity to play multiple sets on the second stage which gave fans more than just a short taste of these stellar acts.

The Macpodz started things up for fans by keeping the funky jazz flowing on Friday, while Turbine – who also played a 5am stealth set among the RVs – took over during the day Saturday. Monkey Wrench, former tour mates of moe., had fun onstage playing to covers like Yellow Submarine and Escape (the Pina Colada song). Orgone, who was still unknown to most fans, took everyone by surprise with Fanny Franklin just bursting at the seams with enough energy to keep everyone moving and staying warm as the evening winds whipped up the hill.

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Cover Wars: Let ‘Em In Edition

Cover Wars March Madness is officially over and we will offer one more congratulations to our winners Perpetual Groove. Now, the 2010-2011 Cover Wars Regular Season begins. For the first contest of the season, we look at four covers of the first track off the 1976 Wings album At The Speed Of Sound – Let ‘Em In. The song is written and sung by Sir Paul McCartney.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Billy Paul: This ultra smooth cover complete with strings, horns, and an alternate list of people in the lyrics was recorded in 1976.
Source: Let ‘Em In


A live version of unknown origin:

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Last Week’s Sauce: March 15th – 21st

The Disco Biscuits have had quite a week, but they made it through and Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig is at home resting up after successful surgery on his wrist. In addition to some music from Barber’s fill-ins, we’ve also got audio from Fareed Haque’s great world music ensemble, a John Mayer/Michael Franti collaboration, some recent goods from Perpetual Groove and a fantastic classic rock cover from the Ryan Montbleau Band.

Another week and another edition of the Last Week’s Sauce Podcast. If you want to take this week’s five selections with you, you now can.
Click here to download Last Week’s Sauce Podcast #3

[Thanks to J5Brock for this week’s photo]

Artist & Title: the Disco Biscuits – Park Avenue
Date & Venue: 2010-03-19 House of Blues, Boston MA
Taper & Show Download: Matt Quinn

Before things went horribly wrong at the House of Blues last Friday, there was some fantastic music being made despite difficult circumstances. From the moment Chris Michetti took the stage for Park Avenue, I knew the Disco Biscuits had a good game-plan on how to attack that night’s show. tDB’s set at the Ultra Music Festival and their late night Tractorbeam set will go on as scheduled tomorrow with the help of Michetti and Tom Hamilton.


Some great video of Helicopters from the Boston show:

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Cover Wars: Going To California Edition

This great acoustic Zeppelin tune comes off 1971’s Led Zeppelin IV. This is quite possibly the first Cover Wars selection where the original studio take does not feature any drums. Though there is a tambourine in the mix.

Cover Wars

Also, this song is supposedly about Joni Mitchell – go figure.

The Contestants:

Dread Zeppelin: Longtime readers may remember Dread Zeppelin’s winning combination of an Elvis Impersonator and a reggae band from the All Of My Love edition. Source: Hot & Spicy Beanburger


Robert Plant on the band:

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Cover Wars: I’m Only Sleeping Edition

The subject matter of this week’s selection is something I think a lot of our readers can relate to. On the surface, this tune – a selection off The Beatles 1966 album Revolver, could innocently be about the feeling of being woken up too early in the morning…Then again, it could be about drugs. And as my friend Dan likes to say, “If you think it might be about drugs, it’s probably about drugs.”

Cover Wars

While dissecting the lyrics, I found it humorous how polite the narrator of the song is in reference to being woken up early, specifically the number of times he says, “Please”. I’m not sure if I know anyone who would be this polite given the circumstances.

In a famous 1966 interview that John Lennon did with Maureen Cleave, she said of John,

He can sleep almost indefinitely, is probably the laziest person in England. ‘Physically lazy,’ he said. ‘I don’t mind writing or reading or watching or speaking, but sex is the only physical thing I can be bothered with any more’.

So, the song is at least to some degree, autobiographical.

The Contestants:

Bathory: This is likely the most International edition of Cover Wars to date. Bathory, for those of you don’t know about them (like me yesterday), is a Swedish band often credited as creating the first “Black Metal” album. Source: In Memory Of Quorthon Vol III


READ ON for the rest of this week’s diverse Cover Wars contestants…

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