Lynyrd Skynyrd: Street Survivors – Deluxe Edition

If you want to talk about tragic irony in rock and roll, you can’t ignore the story of Lynyrd Skynyrd. On the threshold, and deliberately so, of capturing the mainstream audience with which they flirted via the popularity of “Sweet Home Alabama” in 1975, a plane crash took the life of three bandmembers in 1977 merely days after the release of Street Survivors, compelling the label to pull the album and re-release it with new cover art in place of the original version which depicted the band in flames.

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JJ Grey & Mofro: Country Ghetto

Artists are notorious for harboring a bittersweet affection for their hometown roots, and with Country Ghetto, songwriter JJ Grey gives a gritty glimpse at life in the Dirty South.

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Drunk Stuntmen: Trailer Life

Trailer Life is a catchy, happy release by the Drunk Stuntmen, an independent roots-rock band fronted by Steven M. Sanderson, and made up of eight or nine other seasoned musicians. What comes across when spinning this disc are the stories, experiences, and work that went into crafting these tunes.

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Grayson Capps: Wail and Ride

While the term “Southern rock” usually comes from a lack of creativity, it most certainly applies to Capps’, as his drawl, love of whiskey (“Ed Lee”), rough-riding, tenacious sounds, and wisdom beyond his years exudes Southern rock in the truest sense.

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Devon Allman’s Honeytribe: Torch

Seven years in, Devon Allmans’s (son of Greg, nephew of Duane) Honeytribe have finally released their debut album Torch, and it sounds like you would imagine it to – a modern take on the well worn Southern Rock model that has been perfected by Daddy Gregg and Uncle Duane.

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