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B List: Proposed World Cup Fight Songs

Music and soccer go together like fish and chips; like birds eye and chili; like rock and lobster. Whether it’s the jolly crowds singing their team’s chants or famous performers putting a twist on one of their own tunes, the World Cup brings out the tone-deaf in merry droves like none other.

While we don’t know much about soccer here at Hidden Track (read: Jack %$#%), we do know our music. So, with the festivities kicking off in but a week’s time, we thought we’d offer up some suggestions for theme songs for some of the early favorites for the 2010 World Cup. Rumba La Mundial!

Greece – Can I Borrow a Feeling? (Kirk Van Houten)

While we all patiently wait with bated breath in hopes of a recession-themed Weird Al album containing such hits as Highway to the Eurozone and The IMF is Gonna Rock You, Greece will have to settle for the hit single off Kirk Van Houten’s debut, Can I Borrow a Feeling? It’s quite fitting really, as it touches upon both of the two looming outcomes for the Greeks: a) borrowing and b) divorce. Fortunately, the Greeks have their footy team to liven up their spirits, who come in at a respectable #13 FIFA ranking.

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The B List: Top 10 Archival Releases of 2009

While this decade may have been tough for the recording industry, music fans can’t complain about the number and quality of the hundreds of archival releases that have flown out of the vaults since 2000. Record labels realize that there’s plenty of money to be made after the comparatively negligible cost of mixing and digitizing these old releases.

2009 was another fantastic year for live archival releases as we’ve seen massive box sets from the likes of Neil Young, Tom Petty and the Grateful Dead that featured impressive recordings of high-caliber performances. Let’s take a look at Hidden Track’s Top 10 Archival Releases of 2009…

10. Widespread Panic – Huntsville ’96

wsp huntsvill 1996

The Widespread Panic Archives opened wide in 2009 after years and years of fan requests for older material to be released. Carbondale 2000 started the action last year, Valdosta 1989 came next followed closely by Huntsville 1996 and Montreal 1997. Out of the three that were released this year, Huntsville ’96 stands out due to Panic’s spine-tingling performance of an incredible setlist as well as the quality of the recording.

Where You Can Sample This Release: WSP Archives Blog

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B List: 10 Bands Covering Entire Albums Live

It’s no secret that many of our readers have had plenty of spirited discussions over the last few months, or maybe years, discussing what classic album Phish would cover at the next Halloween show. The concept of this live “Musical Costume” was launched by Phish on Halloween in 1994 when they performed The Beatles White Album in its entirety. Errr, except Good Night which was played over the PA system. And while Phish has done it three additional times – and a fourth if you include Dark Side Of The Moon on November 2nd, 1998 in Utah – they have also inspired many other bands to follow suit.

This week’s B List takes a look at ten other bands that have taken on the assignment of covering another band’s album in the live setting.

1. Jiggle The Handle covered Paul Simon – Graceland
8-12-2000 – Berkfest, Great Barrington MA


Leading off this B List we’ve got one of my favorite small jambands of all time, Boston’s Jiggle The Handle. This complete album performance was announced in advance. Well, it was announced they’d be performing AN album, and the choices were out there, it was between Graceland, Rift, Sgt. Pepper’s and Animals.

Humorously, the band started and ended their full performance of Graceland with teases of the opening tracks from the three albums not chosen, and a Jiggle The Handle tune – Walk Right Out Your Door. They bring on a little extra help from a number of other Boston-area-bands calling on: Dan Rockett, the horn section from Addison Groove Project and both Andrew & Brad Barr from The Slip.

Selected Audio: Teases > The Boy In The Bubble

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The B List: Ten Shows to Sweeten Your Allman Brothers @ The Beacon Run

Maybe you’ve heard: The Allman Brothers Band take hold of New York City this month for 15 allegedly guest-dappled shows at the Beacon Theater starting Monday. Folks, as Butch Trucks was happy to explain, they’re going to be barnburners. (And shit, they’re not even the most hotly anticipated jamband event this month.)

Over the years, it’s become fashionable for both individual Brothers or other artists (especially potential sit-in guests) to throw their own shows on top of a Beacon gig or too – a late night post-party, a headline spot on a Beacon offnight, anything that might capitalize on that hot ABB Beacon March Madness vibe and attract a few concertgoers (Beacon or not) who wanted a piece of it.

Well, if you’re like me, you like to make long, full, multi-show nights out of your musical endeavors whenever possible (and affordable). So, for this week’s B-List, we’re taking a look at 10 Beacon sweeteners: post-ABB or off-night gigs (official or not) where you’d be likely to find some connection to the Allmans or just a hell of a spot to nightcap after four hours at 74th and Broadway.

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The B List: Best Concert DVDs of 2008

Just as with albums, 2008 wasn’t a bang up year for concert DVDs. Sure, there were plenty of good ones, but nothing that was mind blowing. Last year’s list featured plenty of multi-disc sets including Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s epic documentary/concert film Runnin’ Down A Dream, the amazing full-blown release of Nirvana’s Unplugged and AC/DC’s exhaustive Plug Me In box set, but this year we’ve got a bunch of single DVDs.

Now, I haven’t seen every concert film released this year, which makes it a little tough. I made a brief list at the bottom of films I haven’t seen that should probably be on the list, but I just stuck to what I saw and liked. Let’s take a gander our list of the Best Concert DVDs of 2008

10. The Police – Certifiable

While The Police’s performance on this DVD recorded in Buenos Aires is quite good, this release is all about the bonus material. Drummer Stewart Copeland’s son Jordan put together a fantastic 50-minute feature called Better Than Therapy which chronicles the band’s reunion.


READ ON for the top nine Best Concert DVDs of 2008 including films featuring the Rolling Stones, Rush, Phish and more…

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The B List: Top 10 Fender Guitarists

Once again it’s time for a special guest to take the reigns of the B List. This week, guitar-maker Andrew Olson of AO Guitars shares a list of his favorite Fender players. AO Guitars makes high-quality instruments for the discerning musician…

Hey everybody! I can’t say how thrilled I am to be back on the B List for a second edition of AO’s Top 10. If you recall the last one, I delved into my Top 10 Axes of all time, where I mentioned that I could have done an entire list on just Fenders and not even mentioned another guitar. Well, welcome to my list of Top 10 Fender Players. Screw the Gibsons, Guilds and small builders out there (for this Top 10, at least) and let’s look at some of the greatest players of all time who’ve adorned the work of the great Leo Fender. Beginning with the Telecaster and Precision Bass in 1951, and the first Stratocaster in 1954, Leo Fender’s genius paved the way for the small rock combo, changing popular music forever.

Now, we all know the real big guys…Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, and Jeff Beck to name a few—I don’t even need to put them on this list. I’m going for some of the unsung heroes that you might not hear every day, or to even turn you on to some you may never have heard of. Enjoy!

10. Steve “The Colonel” Cropper & Donald “Duck” Dunn

OK, I’m cheating and starting you off with a deuce, being that they were a pair for a very long time. If these names don’t sound familiar, trust me, you’ve heard them many, many times. You’ve seen Steve with his trusty Telecaster in the SNL Band and the Blues Brothers, and Duck is always sporting that P-Bass. You’ve heard them in the rhythm section of Booker T & The MGs. They were the session guys at the legendary Stax Records, meaning you’ve heard them on countless classics that Steve usually helped pen: Wilson Pickett’s In the Midnight Hour, Sam & Dave’s Soul Man, and my favorite tune in the world, Otis Redding’s (Sittin On) The Dock Of the Bay. (Suggested listening: The Blues Brothers Soundtrack and any of the original albums & Booker T & The MGs’ McLemore Avenue…which is an instrumental cover of Abbey Road)

READ ON for AO’s top nine Fender axemen of all-time…

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