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Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City

At its core Modern Vampires of the City still has the clever hooks and effortless melodies that made the band blogosphere darlings in 2008, but underneath the gloss there's a less easy, more fatalistic worldview

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Sasquatch! Music Festival – Day 1: Gorge Ampitheatre, 05/24/2013

Rain started in the early hours of Friday, and continued until midday, which put a considerable pall over the campgrounds (music wasn't starting until 4PM). Even so, festivalgoers got out as much as they could, and the excitement for the day was palpable. That said, it took a while for the show to get its groove going.

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DVR Rewind: Vampire Weekend on SNL

As we mentioned on Friday, Vampire Weekend’s association with Saturday Night Live dates back to 2008, when the New York City-based act was steadily gaining attention from the release of self-titled

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