Yoav – Sounding Something New

Yoav…a star yet to be so named.  This young musician, who until earlier this year hadn't released a full-length album, has already had quite the trajectory, including scoring the opening slot for Tori Amos.

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Yoav: Charmed & Strange

Yoav, though, is something different. The guy has a voice capable of – or perhaps pushed to be – all things: he sounds just as good singing in falsetto as in a gravelly, crooner-ish voice.

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Yoav/Tori Amos: The Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA 12/5/07

Tori Amos has a knack for picking male singer/songwriters with looper pedals types to open for her.  Thing is, she does a good job of it.  In a recent show at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, singer Yoav (who has yet to release a full-length, and yet is somehow opening for Tori Amos) put on an excellent set.

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