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Bloggy Goodness: Gorillaz Free Xmas Album

As we previously reported, the Gorillaz have been celebrating the holidays with an advent calendar on their website, which each day revealing exclusive band-related content. With just ten days to

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Yoko Ono: Open Your Box ( The Remixes)

Open Your Box is a dance mix collection of quintessential Yoko Ono songs. The unique feature here is that the lyrics are understandable, and quite often full of pain, not your typical mind-numbing dance fare. Even though the songs didn't originate as dance music, Open Your Box does contain one essential ingredient in successful dance mixes: sex.

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Yoko Ono: Yoko Ono, Yes I’m a Witch

Yoko Ono's Yes I'm a Witch is the result of an inspired idea whose time has come–again. Witch contains seventeen newly interpreted tracks by artists/groups that include Cat Power, The Flaming Lips, Peaches, and The Apples in Stereo.

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