God Street Wednesday: Help Fight MS

When I first decided to start this column last month, I reached out to a few GSW family members for help with content. All of them were ready, willing and able to assist including a gentleman named Michael Weiss. Michael – an original Wino – was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004.

Instead of giving in to the overwhelming feeling that he had just lost control over his future, Mike decided to take a proactive approach and started to build a support team to manage his MS. Mike is currently looking for sponsors to donate money to his National MS Society team. Please head over to mymsteam.com to pledge a few dollars to this most worthy cause.  Michael has already collected over $6,000 and hopefully we can help him reach his goal of $15,000. Help Michael and the National MS Society so one day no one will ever have to hear the words, “you have MS.”

Over the years Michael has uploaded plenty of God Street videos and audio to YouTube and the Live Music Archive. Check out this clip of Epiphany from July 7, 1995 that Mike uploaded for us to enjoy…


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  1. I remember being at the GSW 6th anniversary show at pearl Street in NoHo (12/13/94) and Michael coming out catching us all looking at the setlist he had taped to the stage floor. He took it away and taped it to a more secure location! That became a pre-show game for a few of us after that, but he always won!

    And I never got the “Vanity Street” I was always chasing!

    Michael – do you have a recording of that 12/13/94 show?

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