Contest: Grace Around The World Giveaway

Nearly fifteen years ago, the world was introduced to a young singer/songwriter from New York named Jeff Buckley. His debit album Grace became one of the most acclaimed and influential albums of his generation. To promote the album Jeff and his band embarked on a seemingly un-ending tour – taking them all over the globe from 1994 to 1996.

Because the album had no “hit single,” Jeff was constantly tinkering with his set lists – both on stage and on TV. He therefore performed almost every track from Grace at least once in his many appearances on local broadcasts around the globe. Now, for the first time, the very best of those performances have been tracked down and compiled into the definitive visual document of the Grace world tour.

  • Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the release of Grace (August 1994)
  • The first visual document of the Grace world tour
  • Includes TV performances from the US, Germany, Japan, England & France
  • Features 9 previously unreleased live takes on the songs from Grace
  • Also includes interviews with Jeff and “behind-the-scenes” footage of Jeff and the band.
1 – Standard CD + DVD
  • DVD: Grace Around The World featuring 9 unreleased performances + bonus features
  • CD companion that includes audio-only versions of the performances on the DVD
2- Deluxe Version CD + 2 DVDs
  • DVD: Grace Around The World featuring 9 unreleased performances + bonus features
  • Bonus DVD: Amazing Grace – the never-before-released one-hour long documentary about Jeff‘s music as made by his fans.
  • Extended booklet with band interviews, unseen photos and memorabilia reproductions & fold out poster

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10 Responses

  1. Charisma is a word that often gets used inappropriately when describing someone’s character… what was so amazing about Jeff is he could transcribe his charisma into music. It’s heard in volumes on the whole album but shines brightest on “So Real” which is my personal favorite off the album. RIP Jeff.

  2. Jeff’s vocals on his cover of Hallelujah = me hooked, still my favorite of his songs for his vocals on that song.

  3. I dont know any Jeff Buckley but if I were to receive this box set I would listen to it and pick a favorite.

  4. Mojo Pin: commands my attention; gives me goosebumps; leaves me day dreamy, and better than I was before. Without fail.

  5. No tune is better than “Lover, You Should Have Come Over”. Encompasses being in love and complete heartbreak at the same time.

  6. Lover You Should’ve Come Over and Morning Theft are two favorites, his words and music like beautiful poetry.

  7. Everybody Here Wants You, from Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk. Shoulda mighta been a hit if Jeff hadn’t died, and produced by Tom Verlaine.

  8. I’ve got to go with the too obvious Hallelujah, I’m a big fan of Leonard Cohen, but I actually like the Jeff Buckley cover better than the original (which can’t be said about most Cohen covers)!

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