Cover Wars: Femme Fatale Edition

Big Star: Though it was recorded in 1974, Big Star’s third album would not be released until 1978. This is probably the most famous cover of this tune, not exactly sure what’s going on in the chorus – are the girls singing french? Source: Third/Sister Lovers


Big Star’s Alex Chilton performs the tune with Yo La Tengo:

Duran Duran: Not only did Duran Duran record this for their 1993 sort of self-titled album, they also produced a music video for it. It was the only cover on the album and I’ll say that I enjoyed this rendition a lot more than I thought I was going to. Source: Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)


The Music Video:

R.E.M.: This cover was first released as a B-Side in 1986 and then was also included in the 1987 compilation Dead Letter Office. Don’t get freaked out at the lack of response vocals in the first chorus, they do ’em the next time around. Source: Dead Letter Office


Spirits In The Sky: Spirits In The Sky featured Billy Corgan, Dave Navarro and a number of other musicians for their brief touring existence. The audio and video below come from the band’s first full show in August of 2009. Source: 8-26-2009


Video from the same show:

Tom Tom Club: Tom Tom Club, which features Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz from Talking Heads, produced a predictably trippy rendition of this cover on this 1988 studio release. Source: Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom


Checking in on last week’s Effigy Cover Wars, it came down to a battle between Gov’t Mule and Uncle Tupelo, with Mule ultimately claiming victory.

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