May 18, 2010

Freebie: Turbine’s Sounds in the Hall

Chuck. Chuck. It’s Marvin – your cousin, Marvin BERRY. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this… As a special treat exclusive to Hidden Track, former

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Through The Fog: KINK.FM Earth Day Show

KINK.FM Earth Day Concert, April 22 @ Aladdin in Portland, OR

There’s this radio station in Portland, Oregon that has as their catch phrase “True to the music”, and that station is KINK.FM. Our wonderful little secret, music-wise, until the internet made radio accessible to the world. The folks at KINK have always kept true to form, letting the quality of music determine playlists. Well that, and surveys of their listeners. I’ve never listened to this station and heard anything I couldn’t appreciate. They, like their listening faithful, genuinely love music.

KINK.FM has always been active in the community and puts on a yearly Earth Day Benefit show at the Aladdin Theater in Portland. They always include stellar entertainers (In the past John Hiatt, Dr. John and The Neville Brothers have headlined) and almost always sell out. This year was no exception, with One Eskimo opening for Jackie Greene.

The line to enter the venue stretched around the block, with 15 minutes until the doors opened. The crowd was about evenly split for which performer they were more anxious to see. Portland has always had a warm spot in its heart for Greene and he makes the journey up from his bay area home pretty regularly. But One Eskimo had been through town only once before, opening for Tori Amos and there were plenty of folks from that show in line tonight. I have to admit, I was curious to see how their clever self-titled CD would translate onstage.

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My Morning Jacket: August Tour

With HT faves My Morning Jacket already slated to open a few shows for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and slated to headline the Mile High Festival, the group has

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Cover Wars: Femme Fatale Edition

While Femme Fatale, which appears on 1967’s The Velvet Underground & Nico, is written about Edie Sedgwick – feel free to think about your favorite Femme Fatale as you listen to this week’s covers. Maybe it’s even someone in your life, has anyone written you down as #37 in her book?

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Beck: Last Summer, Beck announced his Record Club project where he would bring in guest musicians and record entire album covers in one day. The first album they did was The Velvet Underground & Nico. He has since also recorded: Songs of Leonard Cohen, Skip Spence’s Oar, and they are currently still posting new tracks from INXS’s Kick every Thursday. Source: Record Club


Video of the recording of Record Club:

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Big Red Goes Green For New Songs

Trey Anastasio unveiled two new songs, Burn That Bridge and Sailboat Man, with his Classic TAB ensemble at last weekend’s Hangout Festival. Sailboat Man was written by Anastasio with longtime writing partner Tom Marshall especially for the event, while Burn That Bridge marks the debut of Trey’s songwriting partnership with songwriter/performer Amanda Green.

Green cut her teeth on the cabaret circuit before moving to Nashville to write and perform country music. The daughter of a Broadway actress (Phyllis Newman) and a famed Broadway lyricist/playwright (Adolph Green), Amanda embraced her theatrical roots writing the lyrics for the musical stage adaptation of High Fidelity in 2006 and multiple other musicals. In 2003, Green put out a CD called Put a Little Love in Your Mouth that garnered praise from the likes of Stephen Sondheim who sent her a fan letter.

Now, Amanda Green enters a completely different dimension of the music industry as the latest songwriting partner for fellow Manhattan resident Trey Anastasio. The pair have penned a few more songs that Anastasio plans to debut this summer with his other band, Phish. You can also expect to hear a number of new Anastasio/Marshall tunes on Phish Summer Tour.

READ ON for a brief history of Trey’s non-Tom songwriting partners and for more on the songs Classic TAB debuted at the Hangout Festival…

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ACL Taps Phish, Muse & The Eagles

We were expecting the lineup for the ninth annual Austin City Limits Festival to drop later today, but the USA Today got ahead of the story by sharing that The

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Jakob Dylan & Three Legs: The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA 5/13/10

The barren landscape served as an appropriate backdrop to Jakob Dylan’s live performance at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.  It depicted the overall tone quite well, which was simple, with images and landscapes of a rural and forlorn country.  However, the show was sometimes a little jaded and monotonous. 

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Martin Sexton: Sugarcoating

Martin Sexton is one of the most unflappably earnest musicians on the planet, and he always manages to stand out in a genre that is unmercifully crowded. His latest release, Sugarcoating, brings listeners more of his positive, folk-tinged acoustic rock and stirring lyricism. Sexton’s music has frequently centered on themes of personal fulfillment and the tenuous existence of human happiness, and Sugarcoating does some of the same, simultaneously addressing materialism, success, and other trappings of the modern world.

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New Tour & Album From Superchunk

Superchunk have festival dates planned this summer and now east coast dates in September. Details are emerging about their long-anticipated new album, which now has a title: Majesty Shredding! Superchunk

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