‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Looks Amazing

After months of rumor, speculation, thousands of mansplaining internet comments,and one surprisingly dramatic teaser, director Paul Feig finally dropped the trailer for his new all-female Ghostbusters reboot via Twitter this morning. Though calling it a reboot may be inaccurate, since the trailer openly acknowledges the four scientists (well, three scientists and Winston Zeddemore) who saved New York 30 years ago.

Anyway, the opening scene openly courts our collective nostalgia with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig watching a ghost hover around some stately-looking manner in brilliant hi-definition, before puking ectoplasmic slime all over Wiig’s character, Erin Gilbert. establishing her as the definite Venkman of the group. McCarthy, playing Abby Yates, comes off as the most Stanz-like, allowing McKinnon to pick up the slack as Egon in a none-too-subtle way. Of course, this leaves Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan (who, by the way, is listed WAAAAY down at the bottom of the film’s IMDb page) to supply the balance of NYC street smarts as their Zeddemore. Although, she does get to provide the Ecto-1, so that’s…something.

Regardless of the obvious re-tread of the character archetypes, the trailer does a good job of letting us in on what seems to be a hell of a lot of fun. Given the rapport between the three SNL cast members (two current and one former) and the frequent SNL host, who’s just shy of the show’s five-timers club, you know the good time they had making this is bound to be at least a little contagious.

Ghostbusters is expected July 15 of this year.

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