Film Bits: ‘Better Call Saul’ Releases Season Three Viral Marketing; ‘XX’ Unveils First Trailer

‘Better Call Saul’ Viral Marketing is as Chilling as it is Hunger Inducing


Season three of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul won’t premiere until April, but marketing has already begun raising hype for the prequel, and the latest should send chills of excitement and terror down the spines of Walter White fans everywhere. It’ll also make you terribly hungry for chicken. Los Pollos Hermanos returns with a new ad, exalting the family values and quality of their food, which even features a guarantee from none other than Gus Fring. This confirms the long running theory that Fring would be making a return to Vince Gilligan’s universe this season, though more than a few hints to that effect were dropped throughout season two. Still, it’s great to see Fring’s fully intact face once more, and we can’t wait to see how he and Jimmy’s lives become entangled. Season three of Better Call Saul premieres in April for a 10-episode run.


‘XX’ Trailer Promises New Visions of Horror


As a genre, horror works best in small doses. Short form stories often have more punch and impact than their longer counterparts, making horror ripe for directors to explore shorter narratives. While other genres have certainly tried using the anthology format, it never works quite as well as it does with horror. As such, any new anthology is reason enough for horror fans to get excited, and XX looks like it just might be top-notch. Featuring four tales written and directed by females, including one from Annie Clark of St. Vincent, XX looks to be another in a long line of fun and terrifying anthologies. XX premieres on February 17 on VOD, Amazon, and iTunes.


First Look at Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson and Other Weirdness in ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer


Remember last year, when our biggest concern for a minute was the fact that Joseph Fiennes was cast as Michael Jackson in a British TV movie? Well, we got our first look and it’s, um…certainly something. British channel Sky Arts unveiled its first look at Fiennes as the King of Pop in the first trailer for Urban Myths, which features short comedies culled from urban myths surrounding pop culture icons. The series also explores Bob Dylan (Eddie Marsan, Ray Donovan) as he searches for someone named Dave, Cary Grant (Ben Chaplin, Snowden) dropping acid with Tim Leary (Aiden Gillen, Littlefinger in Game of Thrones), and Hitler (Iwan Rheon, Ramsey Bolton in Game of Thrones) painting his friend (Rupert Grint, Harry Potter). The Michael Jackson segment follows Jackson taking a road trip with Elizabeth Tayler (Stockard Channing) and Marlon Brando (Brian Cox). I mean…casting Ramsey Bolton as Hitler was kind of genius? But there’s not much you can do to justify Fiennes as Jackson.

(Sky Arts)

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