Film Bits: ‘The Bad Batch’ Trailer; Luke Evans Teases ‘Gaston’

‘The Bad Batch’ Trailer Shows Glimpse of Fabulous Wasteland

the bad batch

Ana Lily Amirpour made waves with her debut film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Now, you can watch the first trailer for his follow up feature, The Bad Batch. Keanu Reeves (John Wick) and Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) star in this thriller about a group of outcasts living in anarchy in the deserts near Texas. Featuring a slick synthesized soundtrack, the trailer shows us how much Amirpour’s already distinctive visual flair has grown since her last film, and gives us a small taste of the insanity to come from this post-apocalyptic romp. The Bad Batch is expected on June 23.


Luke Evans Teases ‘Gaston’ in ‘Beauty and the Beast’


On Good Morning America, actor Luke Evans debuted a clip of himself in the upcoming live action remake of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. The clip gives us a small taste of how the film will portray the iconic song, “Gaston.” So far, the ad campaign has focused largely on Emma Watson’s Belle with only brief glimpses of the self-involved antagonist vying for her affections. Though the clip is short, it does give us a bit of insight into Gaston’s portrayal, which so far seems to be translating nice into the live action format. We won’t know for sure until Beauty and the Beast is released on March 16, but it seems safe to say that Disney has done it again. Skip to about 2:42 to see the clip.

(Good Morning America)

Live Action ‘Mulan’ Finds Director


Speaking of Disney live action remakes, the Mouse House has announced that Niki Caro (Whale Rider) will helm the live action remake of Mulan. This comes on the heels of the announcement several months ago that Disney would be searching for actors in mainland China to portray the characters, which are based on a famous Chinese legend. No word yet on who will step into the roles, but the project is still in the early stages of development, so more should be coming soon.


Robert Downey Jr and Richard Linklater Team for Movie Based on Podcast

Robert Downey Jr and Richard Linklater have teamed for an as-yet-untitled film about notorious scam artist Dr. John Brinkley. Downey acquired the rights to the story based on an episode of the podcast “Reply All,” which last month unraveled the tale of Brinkley, who amassed fortune and fame via the then new medium of radio, and the American Medical Association editor Dr. Morris Fishbein who spent the better part of a decade on a quest to bring him down. Downey is currently attached to star in the film, which is set to be directed by Linklater. No word yet on who might pen the screenplay.


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