Bear ‘Witness’ to a New Era of ‘Better Call Saul’ (TV REVIEW)

[rating=10.00] “Witness”

It’s the second episode of the season, and already Better Call Saul has managed the most intriguing hour of television to possibly grace our unworthy senses. Because of the intricate storylines of our favorite characters, it’s almost like we’re getting two micro-series’ in one, widening the Breaking Bad world to a point where it will one day overtake every aspect of our being. This week, our wildest dreams finally came true with the return of one of the best villains in TV history, and we’re all better for it.

As Mike continued his quest to figure who exactly decided to bug him, we witness his perfectly executed policing skills emerge with a fiery vengeance. The scene is expertly crafted, using a soundtrack that matches up to Mike’s shadowy life with just the right amount of terrifying disconcert that basically sets the pace for rest of his life. His deliberation takes him to an unknown parking lot, and as he jots down his notes, and comes up with the next step of his plan, the camera pans up to that red and white sign that we’ve all come to recognize as a cultural icon. There has never been another moment in time where a mass of people have been so excited for a fucking sign.

The magnificent return of Los Pollos Hermanos, and in turn Gus Fring, signifies a new microcosm in BB/Saul universe. Saul has given us a new way to connect with these characters we realistically knew nothing about, and allowed us to make them a part of our lives.  It’s magical, it’s like hearing your favorite song for the first time again.

While Mike goes down a rabbit hole, Jimmy unwittingly hires the beloved badass H.T. (aka Honey Tits, aka Francesca) harking back to Breaking Bad episodes of old. Francesca immediately impresses Jimmy, leaving Kim lost for words as he hires her on the spot. It set the stage for the new mystery of how and why Saul’s “playful” sexual harassment evolved from their work relationship. To add magic to the whole set up, Mike calls in, demanding to speak to Jimmy the same way he does all those years later. “You free for breakfast tomorrow?” Of course he is Mike, he’s your lawyer.

As we finally creep closer to Gus’ return, the tension is palpable. Jimmy orders breakfast and we can do nothing but marvel at how even though literally nothing is happening, we’ve never been so excited to see a fast food restaurant before. Jimmy stares into the void, waiting for something to happen. Blurry in the background, someone with a collared shirt quietly cleans the tables, prepping the store for the lunch rush. Gus Fring is back, and he’s just waltzed back into your life as if it belonged to him.

The implications run wild as we can now speculate on why the connection between Fring and Mike was made. Fring’s massively successful business relies on the people he surrounds himself with. Every single thing he does is perfectly calculated and intricately woven to ensure that he’s always ten steps ahead. So where are we in the timeline? Is Fring on top? Does he have to fit for it? It’s incredible. Christmas came early this year y’all, and the haul is generous.

Even though the main event was Fring, we had a startling finale to the episode that included Hamlin showcasing his hilarious awkwardness outside his usual comfort zone, and Jimmy taking that last stand against Chuck. Where are we left? As Chuck pushes Jimmy into a place of no return, Jimmy loses track of what’s important, allowing his emotions to once again get the best of him in a time where he has no clout.

With Jimmy about to go to prison, Fring about to overtake yet another corner of our paranoid mind, and Mike on the precipice of what will eventually lead to his downfall, we’ve successfully reached a new high in entertainment. Just as it has done for two seasons prior, there’s simultaneously nothing and everything going on at all times, and the only way to get through it is while leaning happily towards the television and sighing in delight.

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