VIDEO PREMIERE: J.D. Pinkus Drops Trippy & Cerebral “Fungus Shui Trinity” Video

J.D. Pinkus has been all over the place in his musical career, from the Texas trippiness of the Butthole Surfers to the bottoms-up hard-rock band Honky that he formed in the mid-’90s to the double-bass extravaganza that was the Melvins’ 2018 album Pinkus Abortion Technician (a title riffed off of the Butthole Surfers’ 1987 self-recorded masterpiece Locust Abortion Technician).

Known to fans across the genre spectrum as a versatile and hard-working bassist, Pinkus has recently added the banjo to his musical arsenal. On his recent release and second solo banjo album, Fungus Shui, Pinkus takes the banjo off the porch and in through the back door of that bar you’ve always been a little afraid of but are dying to get into, and proves that despite its innocuous reputation and popularity among many of the more benign and banal up and coming bands, the banjo can be killer when placed in the right sort of hands. 

Glide is premiering the trippy video for Pinkus’ “Fungus Shui Trinity”, a virtuous jam that shows the artist at his most primal and cerebral.

“Fungus Shui Trinity is the cornerstone of what this album was built off of. ‘In Tension’, ‘Don’t Forget to Breathe’, and ‘Coming Down is Half the Trip’ are the three parts that make this song a whole. As I may be too short for my height, Fungus Shui Trinity may be  too high for its depth.‘This is to support the LP being back in print and available at retail stores. The first pressing of 500 completely sold out via preorder and only two copies made it to Retail (Rough Trade NY).  The 2nd pressing is 1000 so there should be more than enough for retail,” says Pinkus.

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