Free Downloads: Studio Tracks From Scott Metzger’s New Wolf! Trio

Recently, the band, which includes Jon Shaw on bass, and Taylor Floreth on drums, logged some time at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn and the NYU Clive Davis recording building to record demo tracks. “These are just sketches of ideas,” says Metzger. “We’re a VERY young band and I guess we just want to give people an idea of where we’re coming from.”

While the band doesn’t expect to get signed from these tracks (“Does ANYONE get signed anymore?,” asks Scott), Metzger wanted to “document the beginning of something that will be going on, hopefully, for a long, long time.”

You can download their studio-recorded tracks here. The download includes two full tracks and four half tracks—again, they are just sketches of ideas.

Starting next month, Wolf! begins a Wednesday night residency at Lovin’ Cup in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They will also continue to play regularly at Bar 4 in Park Slope Brooklyn. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for regular updates and download and listen to past shows here at Scott’s page.

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