Articles by: Doug Collette

The Jerry Garcia Band Shines In Hawaiian Form on ‘GarciaLive Volume 10: 5/20 Hilo Civic Auditorium’

The Grateful Dead’s biographer and one-time publicist Dennis McNally has a deceptively brilliant style of writing, so in his essay accompanying GarciaLive Volume 10, he fully captures both the practical and ineffable virtues of this ...

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John Mayall Brings Disciplined Improvisation On ‘Three From The Road’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Its cover photo of the band radiating all the easygoing informality of a family get-together, Three From The Road is replete with the kind of easygoing exchanges of ideas that can abound at such events. ...

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Soulive Return to Classic Form & Refreshed Sound On ‘Cinematics, Vol. 1 EP’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Like photos of Soulive on their website, Cinematics, Vol. 1 is a long way from the close-cropped haircuts with suits and ties of the trio’s early days. And other changes wrought over that passage of ...

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Grateful Dead: Dave’s Pick’s Volume 25- Broome Country Arena, Binghamton, NY 11/6/77

It’s fitting the main color scheme of Dave’s Pick’s Volume 25 is a bright deep orange. Binghamton, NY 11/6/77 is yet another cull from the treasure trove from whence came Cornell May 1977, a remarkably ...

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The Wood Brothers’ ‘One Drop of Truth’ Wins With Intimacy and Inclusion (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Wood Brothers’ One Drop of Truth should have the same wholly positive effect on the fans who hear it as on new listeners to the group. This seventh studio record offers so satisfying an ...

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Inara George Aims Adventurous & Delicate With ‘Dearest Everybody’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

If Inara George’s Dearest Everybody proves anything, it’s that she not need trade on her lineage in any way shape or form (she’s the daughter of Little Feat’s co-founder and figurehead Lowell George). The woman’s ...

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Big Star ‘Live at Lafayette’s Music Room’ Documents Power Pop Legends’ Most Pivotal Show (ALBUM REVIEW)

Live at Lafayette’s Music Room is the latest in a recent string of Big Star-related releases dating back to the 2016 release of the Complete Third box set. The current campaign also includes archiving projects ...

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Dr. Lonnie Smith Proves Ageless In New Spirited Live Trio LP ‘All In My Mind’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Continuing his new run at Blue Note Records that┬ábegan in 2016 with Evolution, Dr. Lonnie Smith’s new live recording All In My Mind documents him in a trio setting during a 75th birthday celebration at ...

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‘Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead Photography 1965-1995’ Showcases Fundamental Creativity of The Dead (BOOK REVIEW)

There’s virtually no text within the approximately two-hundred seventy-five pages of Grateful Dead Photography, but there doesn’t need to be. Apart from the acknowledgments, a listing of credits and a foreword from Graham Nash, only ...

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Looking Back at Foghat’s Five Most Essential Albums

Like so many bands of the Seventies and Eighties, Foghat soldier on to this day, currently under the aegis of drummer Roger Earl. Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of their original concert album this year with ...

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