Neal Morse of Spocks Beard Talks A Life Of Intelligent Musical Opuses (INTERVIEW)

When talking about Prog, inevitably Spock’s Beard will come up in the discussion. I mean, how can it not? Yes, ELP and Genesis may have been the genre’s biggest stars in those early days but ...

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Noël Wells Reflects On The Festival Circuit Success Of ‘Mr. Roosevelt’ Ahead Of Its Theatrical Release (INTERVIEW)

Writer/director Noël Wells sits down to discuss the wide appeal for her film, Mr. Roosevelt.

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KIMOCK Ventures Into The Deep End On ‘Satellite City’ – An Interview with Steve Kimock

Much like he slowly unfurls the guitar passages he plays, Steve Kimock collects his thoughts carefully, patiently and precisely when he talks. As a result, his account of the sequence of events leading up to ...

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Gill Landry Finds His True Musical Calling On “Love Rides A Dark Horse’ (INTERVIEW)

Love Rides A Dark Horse, and so does Gill Landry. After producing a handful of solid albums both as a solo artist and with Old Crow Medicine Show before leaving the group, Landry came out ...

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Co-Lead Singer/Keyboardist Lawrence Gowan of Styx Gets The Big Show On The Road (INTERVIEW)

“Light it up, let’s get this show on the road!” Co-lead singer/keyboard player Lawrence Gowan sings out the rally cry and Styx is off and running for ninety-plus minutes of rock & roll at Studio ...

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Dori Freeman Releases Pristine Vocal Showcase ‘Letters Never Read’ (INTERVIEW)

For the second time in just the last two years, Dori Freeman has released a delightful vocal showcase in sophomore album Letters Never Read. Freeman’s primary asset is her sweet, powerful voice. It’s one that ...

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Deer Tick’s John McCauley Gives The Lowdown On New LPS Volume 1 & 2 (INTERVIEW)

Great songs might be hard to write for some, but for John McCauley and Deer Ticks quantity vs quality has never been an issue. The Providence, Rhode Island quartet might be New England’s most essential ...

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Rachel Baiman Takes A Weighty Stand On Solo LP ‘Shame’ (INTERVIEW)

“Shame,” the solo album from Rachel Baiman, who is half of the roots duo, 10 String Symphony, is a reflection on the experience of being a woman in today’s America. The discussion starts on the ...

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48 Years of Grand Funk Railroad: An Interview With Founder/Singer/Drummer Don Brewer

“We’re An American Band.” “Some Kind Of Wonderful.” “I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home.” For Grand Funk Railroad, the hits kept rolling in the seventies as they packed arenas for supercharged live shows. Mark Farner, Don ...

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Benedict Andrews On Blurring The Black-And-White With His New Film ‘Una’ (INTERVIEW)

Director Benedict Andrews sits down to discuss his latest film Una, starring Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn.

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