Jonathan Davis of Korn Pulls Listeners Into New Direction With Debut Solo LP ‘Black Labyrinth’ (INTERVIEW)

When you’re in a busy, non-stop band like Korn, it’s sometimes hard to find blocks of time to work on anything but your main band. For singer/songwriter Jonathan Davis, he’s been sitting on his solo ...

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Blake Anderson Wants To Keep It ‘Interesante’ This Cinco De Mayo (INTERVIEW)

The comedian, best known for Workaholics, sits down and gets weird for a little Cinco de Mayo fun.

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The National Reserve Share Twangy Rocker “I’ll Go Blind”, Talk Debut Album ‘Motel La Grange’ (SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW)

For nearly half a decade, The National Reserve has spent its Friday nights lighting it up at a Brooklyn bar, winning over boozers and barflies with epic sets and a remarkable breadth of songcraft and ...

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Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover Talks Remixes, Touring, Goals and More (INTERVIEW)

Chris Glover, who performs under the name Penguin Prison, has been making music in New York City for over a decade now. While Chris has kept a steady stream of infectious electro-pop hits flowing throughout ...

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Odeya Rush Talks Teenage Rebellion And The Appeal Of ‘Dear Dictator’

Your typical teen comedies don’t involve a murderous Caribbean dictator with a British accent, elaborate foot fetish sequences, and a scene where a character gets waterboarded. But Dear Dictator (out now on home video) isn’t your ...

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Folk Duo Cicada Rhythm Create Patchwork Album With ‘Everywhere I Go’ (INTERVIEW)

If you wanted to write a modern, southern fairytale, maybe you’d start it like this. The first time Andrea DeMarcus, a classically trained bassist, met Dave Kirslis, he had been hopping freight trains around Georgia ...

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Royston Langdon Talks New Musical Endeavor LEEDS, Spacehog’s Past & Tasteful Musical Insight (INTERVIEW)

It starts with a few thumps, like a heart awakening to a new day. With a few strums of an acoustic guitar, life slowly kicks in and you begin again. It’s how Royston Langdon has ...

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Big Sam’s Funky Nation Bring the Party to the Streets of New Orleans With “PokeChop” (PREMIERE/INTERVIEW)

When you think of New Orleans, the city’s foremost flambeaux-lit traditions of Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, voodoo, Po’ boys, beads, gumbo, and second line undoubtedly come to mind. You can also count Big Sam’s Funky ...

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Mipso Ventures Far From Roots On Fourth Album ‘Edges Run’ (INTERVIEW)

Edges Run, Mipso’s fourth full-length album, takes the North Carolina band far from their roots, both geographically and sonically. The quartet (Joseph Terrell on guitar, Jacob Sharp on mandolin, Wood Robinson on bass, Libby Rodenbough on ...

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Jon Lawhon of Black Stone Cherry Talks New Album ‘Family Tree’, Recording With Warren Haynes, Turning Bluegrass Into Rock (INTERVIEW)

Black Stone Cherry is the kind of band that can play your backyard BBQ party and then headline a major music festival and put out the same blast of energy at both places. All four ...

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