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Roger Deakins: The Academy’s Unluckiest Visionary Genius

Cinematographer Roger Deakins is one of the best, and one of the unluckiest, men working in Hollywood today,

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A Brief Remembrance of ‘Blade Runner’

With Blade Runner 2049 in theaters this weekend, we look back on what makes the original so stunning and original.

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Cinema Against Hate: The Best Anti-Nazi Scenes

Nazis and fascism have no place on American soil. These movie scenes remind us of what to do when confronted by the growing tides of fascism.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Ford: Celebrating Harrison Ford’s Five Best Roles on His 75th Birthday

Three quarters of a century of absolute badassery.

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Summer Movie Preview: 15 Films for People Who Hate Summer Blockbusters

It's not all superheroes and big budget bank breakers this summer at the multiplex.

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New ‘Heat’ Blu-Ray Proves A Stellar Addition To Any Collection (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

One of the greatest movies of the last quarter century gets a definitive release.

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Star Wars Day Celebration: The 40 Best Moments From the ‘Star Wars’ Series

We celebrate Star Wars Day and the 40th anniversary of the series with a look back on the most memorable moments from the franchise.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Pivots Its Focus For Season Four, And It Pays Off Big Time (TV REVIEW)

The fourth season of HBO's hit sitcom promises new directions and bold decisions.

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‘Rooster Teeth’ Takes A Lighthearted Look At Dom’s New Job After His ‘Fast And The Furious’ Days

It was recently revealed that actor Vin Diesel only got the job playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise because Timothy Olyphant turned down the role. While we could all speculate how the increasingly ...

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Shoot Your Heroes: Cinematographer John Mathieson Discusses ‘Logan,’ ‘King Arthur,’ and the Art of the Shot (INTERVIEW)

Two-time Academy Award nominee John Mathieson talks Logan and the ever evolving nature of cinematography.

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