VIDEO PREMIERE: Steff and the Articles Make Powerful Statement With Sultry R&B Tune “Nothing Left”

Steff and the Articles

Founded in 2009, Steff and the Articles came together after singer-songwriter Steff Koeppen assembled the group to bring her piano-based songs to life. The band produces music that touches on jazz, classical, and folk styles ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Brother Dege Conjures Cinematic Blues For Modern Times On ‘Farmer’s Almanac’

brother dege

Teeming with otherworldly slide guitars, country psych, barn burning anthems, the fourth full length release from Louisiana native Brother Dege, Farmer’s Almanac, is a sprawling, southern concept album that further explores the unique mysteries of ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Hawks & Doves Pen Wholehearted Rocking Tribute “Bulletproof Hearts (for Laura Jane)”

“Bulletproof Hearts (for Laura Jane)”, a chiming tribute to Laura Jane Grace of the punk rock band Against Me!, is the first single from Portland’s Americana rock band Hawks & Doves who will release the ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Tami Neilson Sends Soulful Love Letter to Sharon Jones With “Miss Jones”

tami neilson

Tami Neilson won’t be staying New Zealand’s secret for much longer. For the past decade, the Canadian-born, New Zealand-based singer/songwriter has been the queen of her adopted homeland’s country and roots music scenes. She picked ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: String Folk Outfit The Tillers Get Down and Dirty With “River Boat Dishwashin’ Song’

the tillers

The Tillers have been thumping their own distinctive sound of string band style folk music for a decade, riding it all over the country and across the sea. Four studio albums and one live record ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Romantica Soars With Gothic Folk Rocker “Baby Killed Bobby”


In a premonition of what was to come, Ben Kyle, Romantica’s songwriter and frontman, sang this prescription on Romantica’s 2017 Shadowlands release. He understood his body and mind were being undermined – but he didn’t ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Cosmos Sunshine Creates Space Rock Classic With ‘Comes With The Fall’

Born Cosmos Sunshine Heidtmann on a commune-like hippie settlement on the Connecticut River, there’s an outpouring of influence behind the music that draws from years of reflection and observation. The settlement was a homestead farm ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Reuben Bidez’s “Something to Say” is a Rabble-rousing Americana Rocker

Reuben Bidez

Something to Say, the second EP (due out June 22) from forward-thinking folk rocker Reuben Bidez, is an analog album for the digital age. Raw and reflective, it holds a mirror to the machines that ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Bob Schneider Explores Poppier Musical Terrain With “Sing About Love”

bob schneider

One of Austin’s most celebrated musicians, Bob Schneider, is set to release his new  album, Blood and Bones – his 7th studio album since his 2001 solo debut Lonelyland – on June  8th via his ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Rising Star Emily Donohue Awes With Explosive “Mistakes” From ‘Melancholia’ (Out 6/1)

On Melancholia (out 6/1), Emily Donohue’s luminous, honeyed voice soars above a bed of ringing, spaciously music that blurs the lines between unabashed pop and electro-tinged indie rock. Donohue, a rising star in the Pacific Northwest, ...

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