Amber Cross Brings The Full Picture On ‘Savage On the Downhill’ (INTERVIEW)

I was not particularly surprised when Amber Cross turned out to be a soft-spoken person. Savage on the Downhill, her first wide release solo album, is the rewarding result of time spent reflecting on quiet ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Fastball Whip Up Feel-Good Vibe With Pop-laden Rocker “Best Friend”

The members of Austin, Texas band Fastball have been chugging along for over two decades, and even though the days of their hit 90s tunes “The Way” and “Out Of My Head” have long since ...

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SONG PREMIERE: MERCH Blends Lounge Crooning With Cinematic Strings in “Marriage”

MERCH is the recording monicker of Joe Medina, who creates richly grand cinematic vocal music. On the new MERCH LP Amour Bohemian, which out November 3rd, is an immense project featuring contributions from 65 different ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Mammoth Shred Heavy Psych Rock On Upcoming Brown Acid Compilation ‘The Fifth Trip’

One of the best thrills to come from the Internet music revolution is the ability to find extremely rare music with great ease. But even with such vast archives to draw from, quite a lot ...

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FULL ALBUM PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Dopapod’s ‘MEGAGEM’ Is Most Defining Statement Yet

On October 27, Dopapod will release their fifth studio album, MEGAGEM, simultaneously their most focused and thematically ambitious affair to date. The release of MEGAGEM will coincide with a cross-country tour for Dopapod, spreading their blisteringly progressive, good-time grooves and ending with ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Johnny Dango’s “Too Late” Offers Rollicking Animated Americana

Gonzo songwriter Johnny Dango’s music is a confluence of country and rock, with a hefty sense of self-satire. His sound ranges all of tornado alley, from the folky roots of Stillwater to the gospel soul ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Butcher Brown Tap Into Progressive Jazz and Hip-hop Playing “The Healer” at Brooklyn Bowl

A hard-working band in an era where most groups are fleeting assemblages, Butcher Brown’s organic coherence emerges from long collaboration as a group of equals. Dedicated to innovation, informed by a love of the past, ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Coronas'”Give Me A Minute” Offers Sweet Idealism

With four double platinum albums, a slew of top ten singles sold out arenas and a legion of devoted fans behind them, The Coronas have earned their title as one of Ireland’s best-loved and hardest ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Contenders Balance Vocal Harmonies and Honky Tonk on “Hills of Caroline”

Lady luck had introduced singer songwriter Jay Nash and singer and drummer Josh Day in Los Angeles over a decade ago when they bonded over a shared love of The Band, roots music, and a ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Robert Francis Balances Mellow Groove With Big Rock Chorus On “Burn Out”

Robert Francis is a multi-instrumentalist, Americana singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. As the youngest member of a music-filled household, Robert benefited from a diverse musical climate thanks to his late pianist/producer father, his songwriting sister ...

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