SONG PREMIERE: Far Lands Craft Minimal Indie Pop With “Lowlands”

Portland, Oregon musician Andy McFarlane has spent over a decade writing songs, taking detours along the way and experiencing many things beyond music, but ultimately culminating in the project he calls Far Lands. Alongside his childhood ...

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SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: decker. Puts Daring Singular Stamp on “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

Led by the unique voice and creative mind of Brandon Decker, decker. is gearing up to release his latest album, Into the Red, on August 25th, 2017 via the Royal Potato Family decker. Into the Red gathers some of the finest moments ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Eliot Bronson Serves Strong Resolve and Textured Americana on Dave Cobb-produced ‘James’

Eliot Bronson grew up in Baltimore feeling different than his peers. Like many musicians, Bronson was the “weirdo” in school and he found a sort of shelter in music. First came punk rock, then came ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Michael Charles Smith Offers Poignant Sincerity and Beautiful Arrangements With “Mistaken”

Addiction is one of the most polarizing issues on the political stage today, yet despite our lack of shared understanding, it can mostly be agreed upon that the emergence from the shadows is a rare ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Cars & Trains Connects Dreamy Beats and Ethereal Folk on “Scientific Method”

Cars & Trains consists of exactly one member: Tom Filepp. For ten years the Portland, Oregon-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has been releasing albums that creatively fuse elements of folk music with electronic sounds. On October ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Queer Trailblazers ‘Karen & The Sorrows’ Rekindles Old Timey Lonesome Bar Scenes On “Everything We Had”

SONG PREMIERE: Queer Trailblazers 'Karen & The Sorrows' Rekindles Old Timey Lonesome Bar Scenes On "Everything We Had"

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SONG PREMIERE: Susan Cattaneo Shares Rootsy Rambler “Ten Kinds of Trouble”

New England songstress Susan Cattaneo has had a wide ranging career – both as a solo artist and a member of beloved Massachusetts group the Boxcar Lilies – due to the special way she blends folk, ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Arrica Rose & the …’s Get Dreamy and Soulful On “Mostly Blue”

Arrica Rose & the …’s are a Los Angeles-based collective playing a unique brand of California folk-pop. Drawing inspiration from timeless records made long ago, Rose’s music hints at dream pop, Americana, and vintage rock ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Thompson Springs’ (Feat. Pat Sansone/Wilco) Goes Hazy Cinematic On “Maybe We Be Dreamin”

In 2016, Chicagoan Matt Smith formed Thompson Springs from a collection of backlogged songs about problems of the heart and near misses along the road. The songs are his personal version of reality and a vehicle ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Jillette Johnson’s “Flip A Coin” Reflects Dolly/Stevie With Artistic Authenticity

With her nuanced lyricism and shapeshifting vocals, Nashville-based singer/songwriter/pianist Jillette Johnson is the rare artist who needs little sonic accompaniment to make an indelible impact. Produced by Dave Cobb (the Grammy Award-winner known for his ...

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