April 6, 2003

Shawsheen River: Tewksbury, MA

I was in my Dagger Blackwater 12.5 kayak, a recreational boat designed for flat water and mild ocean. My companion was in his 17 foot sea kayak. He may have had the speed, but I had the maneuverability.

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Seeking the Sun with Steve Kimock (INTERVIEW)

Over the nearly three decades I’ve known Steve Kimock, I don’t think he’s ever really wanted to do anything other than play his guitar well. He has always preferred to – or, more accurately, had to – follow his muse, letting the chips fall where they may commercially.

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Performance Artist: Frenchy

In New Orleans, the Crescent City on the banks of the Mississippi River Delta, burgeons a marvelous place that rings with spontaneous energy, life and music that is truly “Naw’lins.” Most people heading down there later this month for the cultural odyssey known as Jazz Fest will most likely stumble across a fresh player in the live music scene, Performance Painter Frenchy.

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The Soul of ekoostik hookah (Interview With Dave Katz)

Ohio based ekoostik hookah, have been playing their magical style of music since 1991. By relentless touring and a flair for the unexpected, they have come to represent more than just the music. Keyboardist/Vocalist Dave Katz reveals what make his band and festival, oh so special.

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The Samples: Past, Present and Future (Interview With Sean Kelly)

With humble origins in the bars of Vermont, hard earned recognition in the small theatres of Colorado, critical acclaim on the national touring circuit, a major player on the HORDE tour and ultimately sold out Red Rocks shows which featured an unknown opening act named the Dave Matthews Band; Sean Kelly and The Samples have had a long and colorful road the past 15 years.

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Living In The Moment With Mason Jennings

Singer-songwriter Mason Jennings has made it his sole purpose in life to travel and perform his brand of folk-pop to the world. His latest release Century Spring is a ten-song collection that casts a warm aura of hope and contentment. After touring with Jack Johnson and just headlining his own club tour, Mason is ready to hit the big time.

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