December 2012

Pat Travers: The Railhead at Boulder Station, Las Vegas, NV, 11/08/12

Pat Travers has been flying just under the music equator for many years now and the big question amongst his peers and his fans, is why? He ranks up there with Steve Marriott and Alvin Lee and Robin Trower, and like them, despite the immeasurable talent they possess and a few big hits in their repertoire, they still have managed to never hit that superstar echelon of contemporaries like Jeff Beck and Joe Perry.

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Black Country Communion: Afterglow

Black Country Communion is a hard rock super group whose sound is far more than the sum of its collective chops and they put the “eyebrows” on every track on Afterglow, their fantastic third album. Whoever it was that said “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” hasn’t heard Black Country Communion. Their pedigree alone qualifies them for some kind of exalted status.

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Green Day Plans New Arena Shows

Green Day has a new set of shows announced Having postponed a road trip that was to launch in January, the band announces a new plan for 2013.  After it

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