Furthur Festival Recap and Setlists

If anyone was worried that there wouldn’t be any surprises in store from Furthur at the Furthur Festival, those fears were quickly allayed on Friday night when the band was augmented by many of their friends during a wild all-star set. Approximately 10,000 campers made it out to Mountain Aire for the three-day festival featuring Bob Weir and Phil Lesh’s latest project.

Furthur All-Star Jam – New Speedway Boogie

Over the course of Furthur’s six sets on Saturday and Sunday the group performed six classic Grateful Dead albums from front to back, giving long-forgotten tunes such as Sage & Spirit, Sunrise and What’s Become of Baby rare stage time. That’s It For The Other One was given the full treatment with each of its sections from Anthem of the Sun recreated as was the complete Terrapin Station suite. The group wasn’t only looking back at what the Dead accomplished, they also looked forward by debuting a new song with lyrics by Robert Hunter as part of Saturday’s encore.

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Festival Survival Guide – Pt. 1: Be Prepared!

Every year, countless thousands of music fans – from first-timers to seasoned veterans – travel to music festivals of all shapes and sizes. There are many lists of essentials, but here are some of the time honored secrets that can really make your experience better. These suggestions could make the difference from being awakened by the burning sun or sleeping caked in mud. This first post will deal with setting up the best possible camp which means a lot of tips for the rain. The Boy Scouts had it right when they said “Be Prepared!”

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

#1 – If you will be camping in your van or SUV, invest in window screens to help you keep the car cool but bug free (or DIY with a roll of screen and some magnets from a home store) and don’t forget pop up solar sun screens.

#2 – If you are tent camping, use old yoga mats to make a tent floor. To make a more comfortable bed place an egg crate on top of your air mattress – or better yet a cot – and a towel underneath to soak up any condensation. Finally, when you leave for the day either put your sleeping stuff & pillow in a car to keep them dry or wrap it up in a blanket to keep moisture and condensation away.

#3 – Bring an extra small plastic bin for shoes – you can leave it right outside your tent or car and shoes won’t get wet or muddy.

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Coachella 2010 Lineup Revealed

Long before it played host to Phish’s Festival 8 last October, the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA has been home base to the indie-centric Coachella Valley Music & Arts

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Tour Dates: The Avett Brothers Big Plans

For The Avett Brothers, 2009 could easily be considered their “break out” year – releasing their highly acclaimed major label debut I And Love And You and playing to larger

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Bloggy Goodness: Stream Outside Lands

Around mid-afternoon tomorrow, the 2nd annual Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival will kick off in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, featuring a diverse and eclectic roster of acts across

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Outside Lands Grabs The D

With MCA on the road to recovery, organizers of San Francisco’s Outside Land Festival have revealed that the acoustic-folk-metal act Tenacious D will replace the hip-hop trio as the festival’s

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Interview: Superfly’s Jonathan Mayers, Pt. II

Last week, we brought you part one of our in-depth interview with Superfly Presents president Jonathan Mayers where we discussed his start in the industry, the booking process for Bonnaroo and so much more. This week, we bring you part two of Scott Bernstein and Jeffrey Greenblatt’s talk with Jonathan, which includes his thoughts on Outside Lands, Vegoose, Superfly’s Greening efforts and much more…

Hidden Track: What has been your favorite Bonnaroo – both, in terms of your experiences and in terms of performances?

Jonathan Mayers: I have a couple, really. I’ve had many amazing moments there. You know, to be working with your friends every day, to feel creatively inspired, realizing that you can do anything. It’s like you can have an idea and with a good team of people you can execute on it and that just for me, the festival itself happening, is very fulfilling.

In terms of performances, I’m a huge Neil Young fan and when Neil Young & Crazy Horse played [in 2003] it was just such an amazing thrill for me because here was my hero, playing the festival and totally killing it. That was amazing. And, I’m also a huge Radiohead fan and I thought, Radiohead it was just an amazing set and they are one of my favorite bands. When they played, it felt like the festival was evolving – so that was really exciting too. And even Metallica last year – we had a lot of people that didn’t feel like that was a good booking for us and I thought that they were amazing. I thought it was a statement that – you know what – the place isn’t going to burn down. They’re an amazing live band and it worked.

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Tour Dates: More Post-Phish Shows

With March 6 rapidly approaching, the news of some more post-Phish shows happening around Hampton, VA has been released. The fine folks at Glitterglu Productions will be hosting two nights

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