The U.S. vs. John Lennon Soundtrack : John Lennon

With an unpopular war claiming lives overseas, there just couldn't be a more appropriate time for the U.S. vs. John Lennon to be released. This relevant collection from one of the world's most fondly remembered musicians includes anthems inspired by a campaign for peace launched by John and Yoko.

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Kunek: Flight of the Flynns

Kunek doesn’t belong in the ambient bin, as it’s a bit more Badly Drawn Boy with a couple of Beatles moments thrown in, but most fans of the genre would appreciate the album.

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Shapes And Sizes: Shapes And Sizes

Shapes and Sizes, as demonstrated by their self-titled debut, is a band whose focus is on the voice, something akin to Modest Mouse, except they have the appeal of having both a female and a male lead singer.

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World Party: Karl Wallinger Speaks The Global Truth

A series of life shattering events kept Karl Wallinger out of the spotlight for the past five years. He left EMI on troubled terms and an aneurism left him speechless and unable to walk for a time. But World Party is back – with a new tour and album to celebrate.

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All Saints Records: Compounds + Elements

All Saints Records has released an 18-track introduction showcasing its unparalleled roster of artists touching ambient, world, electronic and minimalist. From Brian Eno and John Cale to Roger Eno and Harold Budd, while all sonically diverse, approach music from an original perspective.

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Magnet: Tourniquet

Compared to tracks like “The Day We Left Town,” from his first album, Johansen is capable of much more dark drama than is present on Tourniquet. The dreamlike quality here conjures up nothing more foreboding than visions of scarves billowing in slow motion.

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