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Shut Up And Play The Hits: The Very Loud Ending of LCD Soundsystem

Shut and Play the Hits serves as The Band’s Last Waltz for a certain postmodern generation, one that understands and can appreciate the assimilation of multiple influences. It is also as much a testament to the creative genius of LCD, as it is to the process of ending a creative enterprise on a high note – MSG sold out models included.

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Glide’s Top 10 Record Store Day Exclusives

Here you can find Glide Magazine's Top 10 releases for Record Store Day. We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and your own personal favorites in our comment section below. See you bright and early tomorrow morning!

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Bloggy Goodness: Shut Up & Play The Hits

Last Spring, LCD Soundsystem decided to call it quits, going out in style by with a series of instantly sold out hometown farewell concerts at New York’s Terminal 5, with

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BG: A Double Dose Of Wilco News

While the folks behind Coachella made their ticket holders wait until nearly the day of the fest to divulge their daily lineup, organizers of the second annual Solid Sound festival

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