Low: The Invisible Way

When you have a genuine rock icon like Robert Plant not only taking a shine to you but covering two of your songs and making them infinitely better than your originals, perhaps its a non-verbal cue to completely step up your game. This is the conundrum faced by Duluth, Minnesota slow-core greats Low upon entering the creative process for their latest LP, The Invisible Way

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Low: C’Mon

Low’s ninth album C’Mon, released in April on Sub Pop Records, in no way diminishes their catalogue or reduces them from the fantastic slowcore indie band they’ve known to be, but at the same time it never quite reaches its full potential.

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Retribution Gospel Choir: Retribution Gospel Choir

Having opened for Wilco and Meat Puppets among others, this Minnesota band makes a huge impression with album number two. The trio of drummer Eric Pollard, bassist Steve Garrington and singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk kick things off with an endearing slow-burner “Hide It Away” evoking a blend of Explosions In The Sky and Coldplay.

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Low: Drums and Guns

The minimalist veterans are back restraining their outward energy but grinding the internal millstone on their newest effort, Drums and Guns. Low went a bit poppy/mainstream (for them at least) with their last effort The Great Destroyer, but now it is back to bleak with Drums and Guns.

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Low 11/10/2005: Sacred Heart Music Center, Duluth, MN

On December 10, 2005, Low performed a Christmas concert in the Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth, Minnesota, for a church full of appreciative music go-ers, to benefit the Maasai School Project in Kenya. Out of a perfectly satisfying seventeen song set, Low performed only one up-tempo song, “It Was Just Like Christmas.”

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