Bloggy Goodness: See Syd Play

After lying in a private collection for over 40 years, some extremely rare footage of Syd Barrett performing with Pink Floyd has been unearthed and restored and will be screened

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At The Barbecue: Favorite Concert Of ’09

It’s been a few months since the HT Crew got together for an old fashioned cookout. With the cold weather creeping in and the holiday season upon us we thought we’d get the gang together one last time this year to throw some large hunks of meat on the grill and crack open a few Troeg’s Mad Elf Ale’s for another rousing edition of At The Barbecue.


It’s hard to believe that 2009 is rapidly coming to a close. Since we’re all live music junkies here, we thought we would share our thoughts on our favorite concerts from the last 12 months. The rules were simple: any show that we attended between January 1 through the beginning of this month were game. So, let’s get at it…

Ryan DembinskyPhish – Hampton Coliseum – Hampton, VA

Talk about a no-brainer. Much love goes out to Hartford, Camden, JB3, an intimate surprise Avett Brothers release party in front of maybe 100 people, and a whole slew of great bands I saw for the first time this year, but March 6, 2009 will be branded on my brain forever.


[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]

From the beautiful weather, to taking a much needed road trip away from adulthood, to the friends, to the smothered and covered, to of course the music, Hampton Coliseum pretty much made my year. READ ON for more of the Hidden Track Crew’s favorite concerts of 2009…

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Bloggy Goodness: Zimmy Claus

It’s hard to think about the holiday season when temperatures have been soaring above 90 degrees of late, but news surfaced last week that Bob Dylan had headed into the

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