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Bloggy Goodness: Wilco (The Giveaway)

On September 27, HT faves Wilco will release their eighth studio album The Whole Love via their brand new label dBpm Records. While we still have a couple more months

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B List: 10 Bands That Should Go Unplugged

[Originally Published: April 14, 2011]

Back in 1989, when MTV was still living up to its Music Television title, the cable network debuted a show with a simple premise called Unplugged. Artists from a wide variety of genres would perform acoustic sets in front of a small audience. By 1992 the show had produced a #1 single (Mariah Carey’s I’ll Be There) and a #1 album (Eric Clapton’s Unplugged) and dozens of memorable performances.

MTV’s Unplugged is currently in its 21st season with Lykke Li, Train and Adam Lambert among the latest batch of underwhelming performers visiting the show. It’s been quite some time since an episode of Unplugged has generated lots of buzz and we’d like to see that change. For this week’s B List, I’ve put together a list of ten acts I think would kill on Unplugged…

10. Fleet Foxes

While appearing on Unplugged wouldn’t exactly take Fleet Foxes out of their comfort zone since frontman Robin Pecknold usually plays an acoustic, we would love the whole band eschew electricity for a set of pastoral folk-rock.

READ ON for nine more acts that would revitalize Unplugged…

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