Caption Contest: Snoop & Willie Nelson

This photo of Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson is ripe for your caption…

[via BuzzFeed]

Give it your best shot by leaving a caption as a comment below. We’ll pick our favorite caption tomorrow and send the winner a two-pack of Widespread Panic CDs that includes Huntsville ’96 and Driving Songs Vol. V.

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21 Responses

  1. “After a lifetime of training by toking with the best of them, Snoop Dogg is made to realize that he is in the presence of the master.”

  2. Things got weird when shortly after the photo op, Willie insisted it was Phish that was covering Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” because “that’s what [my] iPizzle says”.

  3. Willie”so your saying those fucks from BP still can’t stop the oil leak”
    Snoop” we should have Gulf Aid like that shit you do for the farmers”
    Willie” what’s BP going to do for us at least the farmer’s grow this weed for us”
    Snoop”yeh fuck oil now pass that shit nephew”

  4. Willie: Well, Snoop, I’d say it’s a draw. Your shit might have made me cut my hair, but MY shit made you forget how to spell Shizzle.
    Snoop: yo, Willie, You got any of that spray cheese around here. That, or maybe some Frosted Flakes?

  5. DAYUM mister snoop…i always thought that a blunt was another one of those guns you boys carry

  6. 2nd choice…

    snoop: ‘ay wizzle-dizzle, you ever see a muthafvckin OG like me beat the shit out of some over-rated old-ass twang-master…ON WEED?!?

    willie: …i don’t get it mr dogg

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