VIDEO PREMIERE: Paul Beaubrun Exudes Mizik Rasin With “Why Don’t You Love Me”

Paul Beaubrun grew up immersed in music; his family formed Boukman Eksperyans, a mizik rasin band from Port-au-Prince. The band name is derived from Dutty Boukman, who is credited as the starting point for the ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Go Rounds Go For Trippy, 70s Psych-Pop Sound With “Pet Cemetery”

Kalamazoo quartet The Go Rounds have been a dominant force in the Michigan music landscape for the last 5 years, releasing a handful of LPs and EPs, and playing countless Great Lakes music festivals. Some ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Builders and the Butchers Burn Down Patriarchy With Punk-Infused “Older Than Sin”

Portland-based folk rock band The Builders and the Butchers have recently announced their forthcoming album, The Spark, which is due out May 19th. The band’s fifth LP will be released on Badman Recordings Co. – ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Calan Mai Delivers Distinct Folk Pop Via “We’ve Got Love”

At first listen, Calan Mai’s “We’ve Got Love” feels like a carefree piece of folk-pop—all bright melody and major-chord strumming, soaring vocals delivered with warmth and ease. But on closer observation, the track’s intricate lyricism ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Wood & Wire Add Texas Flavor To Haunting Bluegrass Sound On “Awake in the Wake”

Wood & Wire are most definitely one of the most exciting young bluegrass acts currently in the scene with their unique fusing of traditional and progressive bluegrass alongside the Texas songwriter tradition. The Austin-based Americana ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: JC Brooks’ Writes Courageously Soulful Ode – “Anywhere But America”

The Red Black & Blue EP (Vol 1) (out April 13th) is JC Brooks’ follow-up to 2017’s The Neon Jungle and explores political themes surrounding being black in America in 2018. The music takes influence from the politically-charged soul ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Catchy, Lo-fi Rock Meets Dream Pop in Porlolo’s “I Don’t Want To Lose”

Formed in Denver in 2002 by the eccentric and prolific Erin Roberts, Porlolo is both a highly collaborative effort and a true labor of love. Roberts, a self-defined sister, swimmer and stunt artist, is a ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: A Hawk and A Hacksaw Explore Worldly Sounds And Relationship With Nature on ‘Forest Bathing’

Albuquerque-based A Hawk and A Hacksaw began in 2000 in the small town of Saumur, France. Initially a solo vehicle for Neutral Milk Hotel drummer Jeremy Barnes, the main impetus of the project was to ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Red Wanting Blue Balance Heartland Rock and Catchy Soul With “High and Dry”

It’s been more than twenty years since Ohio band Red Wanting Blue first began their long, strange odyssey, and while much has changed for lead singer and tenor guitarist Scott Terry and the rest of ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Mallett Brothers Go ZZ Top On Blue Rocker ‘Good As It Gets’ Off New LP ‘Vive L’Acadie’ Out June 15

Buried deep underneath blankets of wooly southern rock, gritty songwriting and soaring odes to lost love, The Mallett Brothers are entrenched in the dense forests, majestic mountains and icy beaches of their Maine homeland. Their rock ...

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