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So Much to Say: Dave Matthews Band–20 Years on the Road: by Nikki Van Noy

If you aren’t already aware of Dave Matthews Band fans and their fanatical devotion, So Much to Say: 20 Years on the Road will reveal the myriad ways in which they’ve made being crazy about ...

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Dancing Barefoot: The Patti Smith Story: by Dave Thompson

Dancing Barefoot recalls many events that may already be familiar to fans of Smith’s career and readers of NYC music history. But the author does bring a deeper insight to the artist’s motivations and a ...

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This is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography & Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx

Every once in awhile, you come across someone who knows exactly what Jim Marshall was talking about and becomes inspired by his images to pick up a camera and seek out the soul. You wouldn’t ...

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Keith Richards: Life

If the measure of a good autobiography is the extent to which the writing reflects the progression of the life under inspection, then Keith Richard’s Life is an exceptional piece of work. That doesn’t necessarily ...

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Sex, Drugs & Blueberries: by Crash Barry

Barry’s Maine is one of sun-scorched blueberry barrens, just enough gas to get through the evening (providing the pickup doesn’t end up in the puckerbrush), cheap beer (none of that microbrew stuff), and, yes, drugs. ...

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Raisin’ Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter: by Mary Lou Sullivan

Mary Lou Sullivan artfully interweaves excerpts from a series of interviews for her biography of Johnny Winter. In doing so she depicts the albino Texan bluesman’s career in such matter of fact terms, she almost ...

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AC/DC: High-Voltage Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History: by Phil Sutcliffe

AC/DC: High-Voltage Rock 'n' Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History by Phil Sutcliffe is all that you want out of a hardcover/coffee table book:  pictures galore.  And like AC/DC’s power chord repetitive formula, this illustrated history ...

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LZ-’75: The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin’s 1975 American Tour: by Stephen Davis

Rather than an “I was there and you weren’t” account of hanging out with ’70s rock gods, LZ-’75 manages to make all concerned seem rather mortal in their own way. The impetus for Davis to ...

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Daniel Lanois – Soul Mining: A Musical Life

Soul Mining is Daniel Lanois’ story, but it’s chock full of the people he’s shared his life with. Yes, there are chapters about his studio experiences with folks such as the Neville Brothers, Emmylou Harris, ...

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Apathy For The Devil, A 70’s Memoir: by Nick Kent

You have to hand it to Nick Kent on a couple of levels: first, anyone who can write a memoir that includes folks like David Bowie, Chrissie Hynde, Lou Reed, and Keith Richards and never ...

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