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Sidemen – A Long Road to Glory Reveals Legacies of Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith (FILM REVIEW)

What if there were no Beatles, Eric Clapton or Rolling Stones? The new documentary film, Sidemen – Long Road to Glory successful answers that they may not have existed in their remembered incarnation if it ...

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Make The Most Of Your Downtime With Our Holiday Streaming Guide

A helpful breakdown of what to stream while you get some much-needed downtime this holiday season

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The Beatles: Eight Days A Week Exhibits The Fab Four’s Touring Years (FILM REVIEW)

Because Ron Howard’s movie contains a comparable mix of energy, invention and surprise, The roughly two hours it takes to watch Eight Days A Week flies by fast, much like the two minutes plus performances ...

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‘Preacher’ Limps in Explosive Finale (TV REVIEW)

Like the season it came from, the finale of Preacher was suggestive of great things to come without actually being great itself.

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Weekend Warning: ‘Vice Principals’ Vastly Improves In Round Two (TV REVIEW)

After a disappointing premiere, Vice Principals shows improvement and becomes more like the show it's capable of being.

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‘Bad Moms’ Celebrates the Warts of Motherhood (FILM REVIEW)

Though often flawed, Bad Moms still manages to charm with its hilarious, true to life depiction of moms.

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‘Mr. Robot’ Carefully Crafts a Slow Build in Season 2 (TV REVIEW)

The slow pace of season two indicates an intricate build as Mr. Robot moves forward.

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‘Nerve’ A Surprisingly Taut Tech Thriller (FILM REVIEW)

It may be trite and flashy, but Nerve has a surprising depth beneath its glossy exterior.

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‘Preacher’ Inches Closer to Finale (TV REVIEW)

In season one's penultimate episode, Preacher ties some loose ends and sets the stage for the finale.

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‘Captain Fantastic’ Stunning Despite Its Mediocrity (FILM REVIEW)

Its by the numbers story is elevated by the greatness of the acting and earnestness of its emotions.

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