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‘The Infiltrator’ Shines on the Strength of its Performances (FILM REVIEW)

Its script may be by-the-numbers, but its cast makes for an exciting watch nonetheless.

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‘Preacher’ Continues to Ramp Up Towards Conclusion (TV REVIEW)

Last night's Preacher was everything that's great about the series in one tidy package.

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‘Mike and Dave’ Need Better Scripts (FILM REVIEW)

Fantastic chemistry doesn't quite overcome a mediocre script, but Mike and Dave still offers a few cheap laughs.

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‘Roseanne For President’ Is A Misguided Chronicling Of A Disastrous Campaign (FILM REVIEW)

The documentary chronicling Roseanne's 2012 run for the presidency is as disastrous as her 2012 run for the presidency.

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Daniel Radcliffe Mesmerizes in Terrifying Trailer for ‘Imperium’

Daniel Radcliffe is well on his way to shedding Harry Potter from the minds of his audience.

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‘Preacher’ Begins to Set Up Their Endgame (TV REVIEW)

With season one's end on the horizon, Preacher begins to tie its loose threads together in beautiful fashion.

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‘Election Year’ Is the Best ‘Purge’ Yet (FILM REVIEW)

Rote horror takes a sideline to social commentary, making The Purge: Election Year an intriguing political satire.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Season Finale Doesn’t Crash the Gates, But They Get There All the Same (TV REVIEW)

It was an uneventful close to an uneven season that managed to satisfy as much as it underwhelmed.

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Praise Be To ‘Preacher’ (TV REVIEW)

After a slow couple of weeks, Preacher comes out strong and shows just how great it can be with a little bit of effort.

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What ‘The Shallows’ Lacks in Depth, it Nearly Makes Up in Fun (FILM REVIEW)

The Shallows begs neither for a watch nor remembrance, but still sort of manages to be a fun enough time at the movies.

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