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Profane Is The New Boring: HBO’s Painfully Unfunny ‘Vice Principals’ (TV REVIEW)

'Vice Principals' comes off as little more than some reheated jokes from 'Eastbound & Down' .

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‘Eat That Question’ Is Unfiltered Zappa (FILM REVIEW)

The new documentary explores the life and work of Frank Zappa with unprecedented intimacy.

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Suck It, Haters: ‘Ghostbusters’ is Amazing (FILM REVIEW)

Paul Feig knocks it out of the park with his remake of Ghostbusters, to the dismay of naysayers everywhere.

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‘Mr. Robot’ Returns with an Amazing Two-Part Season Opener (TV REVIEW)

With an amazing one-two punch, Mr. Robot deftly reminds audiences that it's the best show you haven't watched.

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‘The Infiltrator’ Shines on the Strength of its Performances (FILM REVIEW)

Its script may be by-the-numbers, but its cast makes for an exciting watch nonetheless.

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‘Preacher’ Continues to Ramp Up Towards Conclusion (TV REVIEW)

Last night's Preacher was everything that's great about the series in one tidy package.

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‘Mike and Dave’ Need Better Scripts (FILM REVIEW)

Fantastic chemistry doesn't quite overcome a mediocre script, but Mike and Dave still offers a few cheap laughs.

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‘Roseanne For President’ Is A Misguided Chronicling Of A Disastrous Campaign (FILM REVIEW)

The documentary chronicling Roseanne's 2012 run for the presidency is as disastrous as her 2012 run for the presidency.

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Daniel Radcliffe Mesmerizes in Terrifying Trailer for ‘Imperium’

Daniel Radcliffe is well on his way to shedding Harry Potter from the minds of his audience.

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‘Preacher’ Begins to Set Up Their Endgame (TV REVIEW)

With season one's end on the horizon, Preacher begins to tie its loose threads together in beautiful fashion.

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