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‘Preacher’ Inches Closer to Finale (TV REVIEW)

In season one's penultimate episode, Preacher ties some loose ends and sets the stage for the finale.

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‘Captain Fantastic’ Stunning Despite Its Mediocrity (FILM REVIEW)

Its by the numbers story is elevated by the greatness of the acting and earnestness of its emotions.

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‘Absolutely Fabulous’ an Absolute Wreck (FILM REVIEW)

Is this really the send off Absolutely Fabulous deserves?

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‘Mr. Robot’ Builds its Tension Slowly (TV REVIEW)

After a bang up opener, Mr. Robot ramps down to ease audiences into the tension.

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Beats, Rhymes, And Laughs: The Golden Age Of Hip Hop And Radio In One Buttery Biscuit Of A Documentary! (FILM REVIEW)

The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show, a radio program ironically set up to preserve or actually recreate the set of 1987 and the feeling-out of this new hip hop music and elemental lifestyle, was the ...

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‘Preacher’ Begins to Provide Answers (TV REVIEW)

Preacher asks the questions that keep you up at night.

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Profane Is The New Boring: HBO’s Painfully Unfunny ‘Vice Principals’ (TV REVIEW)

'Vice Principals' comes off as little more than some reheated jokes from 'Eastbound & Down' .

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‘Eat That Question’ Is Unfiltered Zappa (FILM REVIEW)

The new documentary explores the life and work of Frank Zappa with unprecedented intimacy.

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Suck It, Haters: ‘Ghostbusters’ is Amazing (FILM REVIEW)

Paul Feig knocks it out of the park with his remake of Ghostbusters, to the dismay of naysayers everywhere.

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‘Mr. Robot’ Returns with an Amazing Two-Part Season Opener (TV REVIEW)

With an amazing one-two punch, Mr. Robot deftly reminds audiences that it's the best show you haven't watched.

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