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At Long Last, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Gives Some Overdue, Bittersweet Payoff (TV REVIEW)

Game of Thrones nears the end of its sixth season with a satisfying, mesmerizing episode that stands solidly among the best of the best.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Returns to Satirical Form (TV REVIEW)

Siliicon Valley is back on track in the penultimate episode of its third season.

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‘Preacher’ Treads Helplessly Through the ‘Swamp’ (TV REVIEW)

In just four episodes, Preacher has gone from brilliant to just okay. Can they change the tide before it's too late?

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Looking Back on an Overlooked ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Classic

Vow of Silence represented all the best qualities of Larry David's awkward comedic style and forever changed the way we see frozen yogurt.

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Pixar Just Keeps Swimming With ‘Finding Dory’ (FILM REVIEW)

While never as memorable as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory still manages to tell a rousing and entertaining story worthy of the Finding name.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Shows Who Everyone Is In ‘No One’ (TV REVIEW)

With the traditionally climactic ninth episode just on the horizon, this week's episode was the calm before the storm.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Gets Its Groove Back (TV REVIEW)

Silicon Valley seems to finally be changing the script, to the benefit of us all.

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‘Preacher’ Explores Its ‘Possibilities’ (TV REVIEW)

Easy on the action and heavy on the background, the latest Preacher dives deeper in the themes explored by this wild world.

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‘Maggie’s Plan’ Delights and Charms (FILM REVIEW)

Greta Gerwig is the jewel of Rebecca Miller's hilarious anti-rom com.

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‘Warcraft’ and the Virtue of Lowered Expectations (FILM REVIEW)

Warcraft is a film that never quite stands on its own legs; it toddles around with gusto and desire, but rarely takes more than a few steps without stumbling straight onto its ass. I guess ...

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