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‘Silicon Valley’ Gets Its Groove Back (TV REVIEW)

Silicon Valley seems to finally be changing the script, to the benefit of us all.

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‘Preacher’ Explores Its ‘Possibilities’ (TV REVIEW)

Easy on the action and heavy on the background, the latest Preacher dives deeper in the themes explored by this wild world.

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‘Maggie’s Plan’ Delights and Charms (FILM REVIEW)

Greta Gerwig is the jewel of Rebecca Miller's hilarious anti-rom com.

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‘Warcraft’ and the Virtue of Lowered Expectations (FILM REVIEW)

Warcraft is a film that never quite stands on its own legs; it toddles around with gusto and desire, but rarely takes more than a few steps without stumbling straight onto its ass. I guess ...

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‘Silicon Valley’ Course Corrects, Heads Back Towards Greatness (TV REVIEW)

Without tweaking the formula too much, Silicon Valley redirects its narrative and offers something more akin to heart and soul.

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‘Preacher’ Continues Its Wild, Wonderful Journey (TV REVIEW)

AMC's latest series begins in earnest, continuing its crazy foray into the weird and the wonderful.

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‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ Really Does Never Stop Stopping (FILM REVIEW)

The Lonely Island successfully skewers the world of pop with a surprisingly hilarious and deft satire.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Moves Its Pieces, But Not Always Where Expected (TV REVIEW)

Game of Thrones continues marching along its best season in some time, if not ever.

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Has ‘Silicon Valley’ Plateaued? (TV REVIEW)

Things are going about the way they've always gone on the Mike Judge comedy, and that's starting to become a problem.

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Never Rising to the Peak of its Potential, ‘The Lobster’ Still Manages Some Delight (FILM REVIEW)

A high-concept display of absurdity, The Lobster ultimately fails to stick the landing despite a highly enjoyable opening half.

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