PS I Love You: Meet Me at the Muster Station

Meet Me at the Muster Station is the debut full-length album from Kingston, Ontario recording artists PS I Love You.  A duo consisting of Benjamin Nelson and Paul Saulnier, the band mixes guitar, drums, organ, bass, and feedback galore to produce a brash sonic squall that has powerful strengths and a notable shortcoming.  There is no doubt the band will make their mark with the Pitchfork-tight jeans and goofy glasses crowd searching for a hot new rave up but what is really happening inside this so-called Muster Station?

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Plants and Animals

If there’s an underdog pick for album of the year so far – Plants and Animals’ Parc Avenue deserves consideration.  The Montreal band, originally an acoustic/instrumental roots band, has grown into an expansive rock pop engine of epic anthems and ballads, much like fellow Montrealers Arcade Fire.  We emailed wise guy drummer Matthew Woodley a few questions…just don’t call him “hippie.”

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Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

It’s hard to imagine anyone not getting sucked into Vampire Weekend’s whole-hearted goodness, and in fact, I’d be concerned about anyone who didn’t. Hype may be one thing, but it’s hard to argue with a solid record that guarantees a good time with every spin.

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Mooney Suzuki: Have Mercy

The record is a very bizarre change in direction that falls apart at the seam, with the Brit-pop of “Ashes” the only early redeeming moment.

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Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity

To simply dismiss Deerhoof as weird would be a bit unfair.  Sure, they’re not pumping All-American rock ‘n’ roll like The Hold Steady or Kings of Leon, but on the weirdometer, they’re still topping out before the Van Vleit Zone.

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