Cougar: Law

From tranquil introspection of “Lifetime Ranger,” to the soaring crescendos of “Merit,” Law digs deep into emotion, and draws out a cycling soundscape of highs and lows; those peeks and valleys that are an inherent part of life.

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Bump: Incredible Consequence

Bump’s strength lies in an esthetic assemblage of layers and hooks; a sonic candy-coating for the core compositions that are overtly accessible.

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Green Light: Patient Like the Moon

The instrumental collection breaks down boundaries with each beat, turning familiar grooves into pulpits for fine-tuned, prodigious forays into music’s outer-limits.

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Elefant: The Black Magic Show

Inspired by New York City after 4 a.m., Elefant’s sophomore release, The Black Magic Show, invokes a dark world of late nights, early mornings, lost lovers and drowned dreams.

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The Beautiful Girls: We’re Already Gone

Building on a laid-back, beach vibe underscored by dub and reggae beats, Australian import The Beautiful Girls has shaped a mellow collection of electric roots music in We’re Already Gone.

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Dubconscious: Positive Vibrations

It’s been nearly four years since dub reggae collective Dubconscious began spreading its bass-tempered sound around Athens, GA. Since then, their socially conscious sound has grown louder, and now they embark on a west coast tour to High Sierra.

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